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Ensure your home stays warm and cozy with our professional power flushing service. At Hopkins Heating, we specialise in thoroughly cleaning your radiators and heating system to remove sludge, debris, and contaminants that hinder performance.

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Transparent Pricing – No Hidden Fees

24 / 7 Support


Transparent Pricing – No Hidden Fees

Power Flushing Basingstoke for a Healthier Heating System

Restore Your Heating System's Efficiency with Expert Power Flushing

Maximise the performance of your heating system with Hopkins Heating’s comprehensive power flushing service. Our team meticulously flushes out built-up sludge and debris, ensuring your radiators heat evenly and your boiler operates at peak efficiency.

Experience improved energy savings, extended equipment lifespan, and a quieter home environment. Let us help you maintain a reliable and efficient heating system all year round.

The Benefits

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Improved Heating Efficiency

Power flushing removes sludge and debris from your system, ensuring optimal heat distribution and efficiency.

Extended Boiler Lifespan

Regular power flushing prevents corrosion and buildup, prolonging the life of your boiler and heating system.

Reduced Energy Bills

With a cleaner system, your boiler works more efficiently, reducing your energy consumption and lowering your bills.

Quieter Operation

Reduce noise from your boiler and radiators, leading to a quieter and more comfortable home environment.

Compliance with Warranty Conditions

Power flushing is often a requirement for boiler warranties, ensuring you stay compliant and protected.

Eco-Friendly Solution

A well-maintained system uses less energy, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Improved Hot Water Flow

Ensure a steady and reliable supply of hot water by maintaining a clean and efficient heating system.

Prevents Radiator Leaks

By removing sludge and debris, power flushing helps prevent leaks and prolongs the life of your radiators.


If your system requires the engineer to remove the boiler casing or re-set any stats with the boiler casing off then YES!

Why take the risk! always go with someone that is gas safe registered.

Yes, unlikely many smaller power flush companies we hold £2,000,000 public liability insurance with Corgi.

The length of time varies from size of system and the severity of corrosion. But on average we would expect it to take 7 hours.

Yes, not only do we power flush microbore but also plastic pipe systems and one pipe systems.

No, our power flush will not affect any insurance agreement, we can also issue you a certificate for your insurance after the power flush is completed.

Extremely unlikely, very rarely when a system has been severely neglected we may encounter problems. We will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have prior to carrying out the power flush.

When a power flush is done properly there is no mess and minimum disruption.

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